Jessica’s story of Abuse

by Jessica Smith

Some of you may remember that I disappeared for lack of a better word from October of 2015 to March of 2016. I’m happy that I can finally speak up and tell my story.

46171524_10216618371585579_6660154379443634176_oMy name is Jessica and I have a disability called Cerebral Palsy (CP)I am wheelchair bound, can’t walk and I require assistance with simple every day tasks. After losing both my parents in a period of two years, I was placed into a group home after my mother passed away in 2015. I had never been a fan of group homes, from my prospective their were way too many rules early curfews, no drinking, not to mention living with five other girls and dealing with the daily drama. While living at the facility I met a staff member by the name of . we seemed to hit it off, and to have a lot of similar interests . I informed Tamberly that I would be receiving an inheritance from my parents estate. Yes that was my first mistake. After talking for a bit I then met her boyfriend Josel who was an EMT. The three of us started hanging out pretty frequently, we would go swimming, go to the movies , they even took me to Disneyland. Not long after I met her she confided in me that they were living at her boyfriends parents house. Tamberly, Josel and their dog all living in a bedroom. We then started talking about all of us getting an apartment together. Tam liked the idea because she wanted to get their own place and I liked the idea because it would give me a chance to have a “normal “ life and get out of the group home. Tamberly said if we moved in together she would be my caregiver and Josel would help when he was able. Tamberly said we would split all the bills 3 ways. She basically painted a beautiful picture and made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. My friends and family told me not to do this on numerous occasions but I stupidly decided not to listen to them. In October of 2015 the 3 of us moved into an apartment together after only knowing Tamberly for 2 months. My uncle even loaned us money so that we could get the apartment. Since I cannot swipe a card or enter a pin number on my own I gave Tamberly my debit card and pin number but I told her it was only to be used to help pay my portion of the bills, medical expenses, doctor visits, Prescription co-pays etc. I receive over $1.000 monthly so that would help with my portion of my bills and stuff.

The first few months were fine in January when I received the money from the sale of my family home which was $80,000 things started to go badly. She took my phone kept it in her possession and when I asked for it she would say it was broken, that also meant that I couldn’t contact anyone and she made it extremely hard for family and friends to contact or visit me. “I am the only one who really cares about you “ Tamberly would say. She also started putting a straw in a NyQuil bottle and forcing me to drink it until she said stop, she said it will make me sleep better, or on the rare occasion she gave me a shower she enjoyed spraying water in my face and then laughing at me when I would freak out because I didn’t like it.


Jessica’s Go FundMe page.



The food portions were fine In the beginning but, I noticed they started to get smaller and smaller and then she showed me an application on her phone saying that with my height age and disability I was overweight and I needed to eat less. It got to a point where I was lucky if I got a granola bar.

She would leave me alone at the house with her dog and no phone for several hours at a time with me I just laying in the bed saying she “had to run errands but she would be right back” but there was no telling when she would actually return.

It was just easier for her to put me in adult diapers because she could just leave me in soiled diapers and she would just change me when ever she was home or felt like it. She even limited the amount of water she gave me on a daily basis pretty much just giving me small sips of water with medication.

On the rare occasion she would take me to an appointment she would not let me speak. She would tell the doctor that I was consuming more than 6 pain pills a day and that I needed a refill. (Morphine Norco Percocet etc. When the truth was I’d be lucky to get 1 or 2 a day. I truly believe she was taking the rest. She would get very upset if we didn’t leave with more pain medication.

The fact of the matter is I would be lucky if she gave me my medicine on a daily basis I take a variety of pills and one of those is to keep my Leukemia in remission. She would give me my medicine when she felt like it, sometime I would not receive any medication for days at a time. She also refused to turn me at night which caused me to get a blood clot in my leg and I now have to be on a blood thinner medication for the rest of my life. The doctors can’t say for sure that Tamberly not turning me at night caused the blood clot but I never had one in 28 years of my life but when I was in her care I developed one so, I’ll let you decide

The mental games she played were horrible saying things like “Nobody cares about you if they did they would visit” You are too much work” You better stay with me or you’ll end up back in a faculty” “You are a piece of shit” The list goes on.

I remember one day she had left again and I was laying in bed it was just me and the dog. I remember thinking to myself “Something is going to have to change or I am going to die”

(March 2016) Tamberly wanted some more pain medication again so thank god she decided to take me to see my orthopedic surgeon who I’ve known since I was a teenager. When he saw me he was shocked! My normal weight is 80lbs when he put me on the scale I weighed only 40lbs that’s half my normal weight. My doctor asked her why in the world I was so skinny and also so dirty to which Tamberly had no answers.

Tamberly would not let me speak so my doctor put me in the X-Ray room where only he and I could be. He asked me if she was feeding me and all I could do was shake my head no. We both knew at that point that I was in very bad shape and we needed to come up with a plan to get me out of Tamberly’s care safely. The doctor told Tamberly that something was going on with my back and that she needed to bring me to the hospital in the morning so that I could be admitted so he could do some tests. I wasn’t sure if she was actually going to bring me back in so while I was alone with him I gave him my address. He told me to try my best to act normal but I was scared to death. I was afraid she would figure out that she got caught and then who knows what she would have done. That night was hell but thank god she didn’t catch on.

(The next morning as soon as Tamberly left the hospital property, they moved me to a different room, put me under a completely different name and then the police and my family and friends were called

At this point I literally had nothing except my wheelchair and the clothes I was wearing. Tamberly still had my vehicle, ID, and debit card not to mention all of my possessions were at the apartment.

When I was first reunited with my family and friends I told them the hell I had been through for the past 6 months and I just burst into tears. They were shocked at how bad I looked. I have amazing friends and family as soon as they could they had the police in my hospital room interviewing me; we canceled the bank card and everything else Tamberly had access to.

When we were able to get ahold of my bank account records everyone was in shock. I received the $80,000 in early January 2016, when we reviewed my bank account I only had $20,000 left which means she spent over $60,000 in a period of 3 months!
While I was in the hospital we had to retrain my stomach on how to accept food, my stomach had become so small every time I would try to eat I would get sick because my stomach didn’t even remember what food was, that took a few days, We also realized my kidneys were full of stones and I had to have surgery to remove them. The hospital stay is pretty foggy for me, which is probably a good thing honestly. Friends and family retrieved my belongings from the apartment and my phone that had supposedly been “broken” according to Tamberly magically worked just fine! The interior of the van was full of garbage, clothes, old drinks and stains galore so 2 friends gave it a complete clean up. I was in the hospital for over a month making sure I gained back a good amount of weight and correcting all the other issues caused by her neglect.

(May 2016) After being in the hospital for almost one month I was placed in a seniors board and Care facility. This was only temporary until I got approved from Regional Center to get accepted into a Supported Living agency and find my own apartment. If the fact that I only had $20,000.00 left to my name wasn’t enough, this facility was $4400.00 a month out of my own pocket. My roommate was a sweet elderly woman. She had Sundowners Syndrome, basically we had ajoining rooms and she would crawl into my room in the middle of the night, wake me up and say “We have to get out of here they are going to kill us” The very annoying birds that would never stop chirping and they were placed in the visiting area. (If you were planning on getting me a pet bird no thanks I’ll pass). I tried very hard to keep my sense of humor. During my time there I was interviewed by another detective from the police department and the case was then given to the district Attorney’s Office for review to see if there was enough evidence to press charges. I then began calling the DA.s office about once a week but they just kept saying they had a lot of evidence to go through and it was going to take awhile to make a decision. Thank god for all of my family and friends who came and visited me and took me out places to keep me from going crazy.

After a very long 4 months in the facility I finally got approved by the Regional Center to go into a Supportive Living Program. Thanks to some very special people I was able to move into a cute little place in East County, that was already furnished and decorated by my amazing family friends; in August of 2017.

After moving into my own place I discovered that in order to get Gas & Electric turned on at my new residence I had to pay off the gas and electric bill at the old apartment where Tamberly, Josel and I lived because they put the service in my name and racked up quite the bill. If that wasn’t enough they also put the cable bill in my name as well without my knowledge. Not to mention Tamberly wouldn’t let me off the apartment lease so now all 3 of us are in collections for unpaid rent and damages to the apartment in the amount of $2,700.00. Not only did she take my money and try to starve me to death she also put large bills in my name and wrecked my credit.

On November 22nd 2016 I received a phone call from the District Attorney’s with the news I had been waiting for, they charged Tamberly with 2 felony counts the first charge was Financial Abuse Of A Dependent Adult and the 2nd charge was Physical Abuse Of A Dependent Adult with intent to cause Great Bodily Injury Or Death. A warrant was then issued for her arrest

It took a while for the authorities to find Tamberly and bring her into court almost 2 months after the warrant was issued. Finally on January 26th 2017 my support team and I faced Tamberly in court for the first time as she entered a plea of Not Guilty and the case moved forward

I decided a long time ago that I was not going to be the silent victim without a face or name. To be fair as a victim you are not required to show up for all the court dates, but I made a promise to myself that I was going to show up for every single one and I did. Tamberly however did not take the court dates as seriously in fact we had to reschedule several dates due to a doctors appointment, her back hurting too much, surgery, traffic, or the best one, she forgot she had court. She never faced any consequences though so that’s just our fine justice system at work.

On June 27th 2017 we had the Preliminary Hearing where my family and friends gathered in the courtroom as I faced Tamberly and testified against her and answered a bunch of questions from the District Attorney and Tamberly’s Defense Attorney. It was incredibly hard to have to relive those 6 months while having my character and every second of those 6 months picked apart. At least that’s what it felt like to me. Not to mention having to watch Tamberly roll her eyes, shake her head, or writing notes in a book as she visibly disagreed with all of my answers. I was shocked and saddened when she didn’t even attempt to show an ounce of remorse. After I testified for about an hour or more I was asked to leave the courtroom so that the detective could testify to the financial matters and poor health conditions via a statement from my orthopedic surgeon who removed me from her care. I was not allowed to hear the testimony because we did not want to take the chance of messing up the integrity of the case. After all the testimony was completed I was allowed back into the courtroom. The defense attorney then made his argument to the judge “Ms Donato just got in over her head and was not in a position to properly care for Ms. Smith” (Remember Tamberly was my caretaker in the group home long before I moved out with her, she knew exactly the amount of care I required) The judge then asked the Defense where $60,000 went in a period of 3 months to which the attorney replied “It’s easy to spend that amount of money on food and living expenses” (I guess I must not have realized we lived in a mansion and not a 2 bedroom apartment) He then asked the judge to reduce the charges to misdemeanors. Lucky the judge saw through the arguments and kept the charges as felonies.

As to the bank records I was in shock when I saw how much money she spent without my knowledge. She transferred $8,000 from my account to her father Leonard Donato who I think I might have met twice (I guess I’m just a very generous person ). She also spent $4,986.00 on food , which amazes me considering she rarely ever fed me and got me down to half my weight I hope she enjoyed her shopping sprees at Best Buy, Walmart and Target where she spent $17,153.00. Since she had my credit card she also helped herself to $34,575.00 via direct transfers, ATM withdrawals and teller withdrawals. It sickens me to say this but she spent a total of $65,646.00 while she had access to my bank account (Which was only 6 months)

After everything happened the one thing that I knew for sure was I didn’t want Tamberly to be able to do this to anyone else ever again. After sitting down with some advisers in the District Attorney’s Office I learned a few things, one of which is there needs to be hasher laws for caregivers who break the law, so I am ready to do whatever I need to get done in order to get new legislation passed. The other thing they kept telling me was if we were to take this to trial it would only take 1 person to believe she’s not guilty and then she would get off.

I couldn’t bare the thought of her just getting off with nothing so I was told the best route to go was to do a plea deal where she would be convicted of a felony. I then presented them with some of my stipulations that I thought would be fair in this plea deal agreement. The first was that she served some jail time, have her caregivers license stripped, pay me back, and for her to enter a drug and alcohol rehab were just a few items on my list.

On October 10th 2017 We went back to count and Tamberly did plead guilty to a felony but, I was in complete shock when I was told that she got to pick the felony that she wanted to plead to!! She pled to the financial. (Of course that sounds better than pleading to physical abuse) If that wasn’t bad enough the DA, her defense attorney and the judge took jail time out of the plea agreement without my knowledge! They didn’t even bother to consult with me to see if I was okay with that decision.

On December 12, 2017 My family and friends showed up to support me as I addressed the court to give my victim impact statement to the judge and watch Tamberly get sentenced. There was only one problem Tamberly once again failed to show up and once again virtually got no consequences. Supposedly she had a doctors appointment.

On December 15, 2017 Tamberly showed up for her sentencing and my family and friends were by my side as I gave my victim impact statement. Tamberly said “She was sorry and she didn’t mean to do it” Tamberly was sentenced to 5 years felony probation and no jail time, instead she was given community service. They did tell her she needs to pay me back so the District Attorney asked her to pay me $35.00 a month to which her Defense Attorney replied “Ms Donato is on a fixed income and can’t work because of her back so $35.00 is too much. To this day I have not received a penny from her and when I try to ask the court system for help, they simply say that there’s nothing they can do to make her pay me.
Please understand I do not want your pity, I choose to tell my story because I want to make people aware that the sweetest looking people have the most venomous bites. I really do want to help create stronger legislation so that the next time someone gets hurt by their caregiver that person will actually face justice. Let’s all band together and put justice back in the justice system!

Jessica’s News – Wednesday, September 27th, 2017

20265036_10213147377459570_3752731187579748942_nJessica’s News

Wednesday September 27th, 2017

[Dennis] Hi Jess!

[Jess] Hey Dennis, how are ya?

[Dennis] I’m doing great, how about you?

[Jess] Pretty good. It’s been a while since we’ve done a website update, hasn’t it?

[Dennis] It has been a while and I’m ready to help you do one again!

21751327_10213612087157022_7355216341638056257_n[Jess] I think it’s been pretty much a year or so since the last one so we need to get everyone up to speed on how I’ve been doing.

[Dennis] Yes, and we’ve finally figured out how to do this whole recording, web-posting thing correctly (laugh).

[ Jess] And now you are using your phone and you don’t have to bring your little recorder over here with you.

[Dennis] Yes, it’s so much easier and it’s helping me learn a little more about things that I can do with my phone.

21768076_10213673345568444_3796988858273941326_n[Jess] So, today is September 27th. I can’t believe it’s already getting into Fall with all the things that happen and it will be Christmas before we know it.

Well, it’s been a crazy ride. I’ve been here for over a year in La Mesa. I still love it here. Actually this weekend is Octoberfest. What are you doing this weekend Dennis?

[Dennis] Well, let’s see, what am I doing this weekend? I think I have at least one musical event that I’m going to. Tomorrow I’m going out to Alpine where our friend Sara Petite is doing a Library Show. She’s going to sing for an hour there. I’m looking forward to that.

And in a couple of weeks I’ll be attending a dinner and show hosted by our friends Christopher Dale and Barbara Nesbitt. It’s going to be a nice sit down dinner and then some music performed by Christopher and Barbara after.

20526293_10213146269991884_6062173003586018187_n[Jess] And of course, our #1 dear friend is Eve Selis! She’s definitely an Angel in my life. It’s been very nice to be able to go out to see her again thanks to her lovely husband Tom who is absolutely amazing. He’s been through two surgeries since being diagnosed with cancer. He has received both radiation and chemotherapy treatments. He is my Hero. He has taught me what a fighter truly is and how to live every single day to the fullest.

And if you would like to give a little something to Tom, his GoFundMe page is still up. There is a link to Tom’s GoFundMe page at the bottom of this newsletter.

Being able to attend Eve’s shows and see the Band again has been amazing and it really warms my heart and I love to see her out and performing again. They’ve had a crazy year so we just need to keep sending positive vibes, prayers and love their way.

Their son is as crazy as ever (laugh). He’s having a good start for the school year. Henry, I love you and you are my Little Buddy and you are amazing.

What Eve has been doing lately is online podcasts with Marc on StageIt. Today’s will be the fourth of four in the series. They may have more in the future so check out Eve’s website (

10422184_10204197376355136_1663609307274862120_nMy family is doing ok. Phoenix and Kayla are getting super big. Kayla is seven, Phoenix is nine. Kayla’s got her Mother’s “sass” and we’re all having to deal with that. They are both coming into their own. They will be getting ready for the Holidays soon and you know that’s always big in everybody’s household. And they are doing good in school and I’m happy about that. Phoenix likes talking on the phone more than Kayla does. Kayla is actually in Cheer. She’s just started it and she really loves it. She says she wants to do it all the way through high school!

Healthwise I’m doing fairly well. I weigh 72 pounds and I have my ebbs and flows just like I always do. I’m waiting on a surgery date. Dr. Shoemaker and I are going back in and he’s going to remove more of my bone spurs. So we’re waiting on a date for that. Hopefully October or November, somewhere around that time.

And there has been something going on that I’ve not been able to talk about because I don’t want to jeopardize anything. Unfortunately that still is the case, where I can’t speak about it. It’s going much slower than I would have liked. But hopefully sooner rather than later I’ll be able to hop on the air with Dennis to give you guys the update behind everything. Trust me, I would like to tell you now, I just can’t. So please just continue to send me all the good vibes, love and support. I absolutely love it and need it right now. Please keep those coming and I thank everyone for it. Hopefully you guys will get another update real soon when all this is over.

15780875_10154421493324495_2356535508894528039_nAmongst the wonderful things that have been happening in everyone’s lives I do have to touch upon this. We did lose a beautiful person in this world, in probably November or December of last year. Unexpectedly and arduously, friend Anita York passed away and went up to be with the Angels and my parents and her parents. She is deeply missed down here. We miss her and I know a lot of other people miss her as well. Anita thank you for everything you taught me while you were here on Earth. We miss you, we love you and we will see you again my friend. Thank you for everything.

I’m hoping, God willing, that I’ll be able to return to public speaking. But for right now that’s all in a holding pattern. I’ll update you again on that as soon as I can. Thanks guys for all your prayers, love and support. All of you are amazing and I hope you enjoy my website and I hope to be doing another update soon. And check out I know she has some shows coming up and maybe you’ll see me there.

I will see you guys soon, and please donate any amount you can to Tom using his GoFundMe page. The link is just below. I love you all and have a good weekend coming up.


Jessica Smith


Jessica’s News Wednesday August 31st, 2016

Hello Everyone.


[Dennis]  It’s Wednesday, August 31st and I’m here with Jess in her new little cottage.  There was a mini house warming party here the other day with Eve and Tom.  It was Tom’s birthday and lots of Tom and Eve’s friends were here.  I happened to stop by with a couple of pieces of furniture, so I got in on the festivities too.  Anyway, it’s been a while since Jess has done an update so today she is ready to share with you what’s been going on since the last time she posted an update.  So Jess, how’s it going?


13592748_10210188215086974_5040730823701754566_n[Jess]  It’s going pretty good.  I can’t believe we’re almost at the end of summer.  It’s going to be Halloween and Thanksgiving before we know it.  It’s crazy how time is flying, it really is.  But I’m here in my new place.  It’s been a long route, but I’m living in La Mesa now.  It’s a cute little duplex, close to a lot of things.  Tom and Eve have really been instrumental in helping me to get this place, and it’s beautiful.  It’s a two bedroom duplex and I absolutely love it here.  It’s close to a lot of things that are within walking distance, which is very helpful.


A couple of weeks ago Eve’s husband Tom, who has been helping me out a lot, had an incident.  He was driving a vehicle, and had a seizure. Doctors found that he had a brain tumor.  They removed the tumor and he is recovering right now.  Things went well.



Click for Tom’s GoFundMe page

Tom and Eve have a lot of medical bills, so I’ll be attaching a link to Tom’s GoFundMe page.  If you would like to donate, anything will help right now.  No donation is too small.  I’m sure that they will be very grateful.   And I can tell you that Tom is resting comfortably and healing nicely.  There is a link Tom’s GoFundMe site at the end of this message.


It’s just been a crazy few months.  I can’t comment too much right now, but hopefully I’ll be able to within the next few months.  There are still lots of people asking “Where have you been”.  And where I have been is a very complicated story.  Let’s just say that I’m just happy to be alive.  And I’ll be able to give you guys more information as time goes forward.  But I’m happy, and I’m healthy and safe in my new place.


Amy and Ron have once again come back into my life.  They have helped me tremendously and I don’t know where I would be without them.  I talk to them on a daily basis.  They were over here last week and Ron did a couple of things around my new place.  I’m going to try to post some pictures of the inside and all the beautiful furniture and stuff .


My sister came over last week with Phoenix and Kayla before they started school.  I can’t believe I have a six year old niece and an eight year old nephew.  It’s absolutely amazing how time is flying.  They love my new place, they think it’s beautiful.  And, you know, I always have to say “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift”.  That’s why it’s called “the present”.  I truly believe in that, and just can’t believe how blessed I am with my huge support system of friends and family.


Right now, I’m in a duplex, with twenty-four hour staff through a program called Life Options.  It’s basically where you find a place to live and they hire and pay for staff.  So I would recommend for anyone who has physical challenges, and does not want to live in a group home,  to check out Life Options because they are doing a wonderful job for me and I love it here.


[Jess]  What else do you think I should add Dennis?


[Dennis]  Well, I think you should tell your friends about your new neighborhood and all the opportunities there are for you just outside the front door.


[Jess]  Well, my neighborhood is within walking distance of La Mesa Village.  There are a whole bunch of shops, and it will be nice because Oktoberfest is coming up.  And in the summertime they have vintage car shows downtown.  They will have Christmas in the Village and there are a whole bunch of cute shops (including a sweets shop), and places to eat.  It’s just an amazing little neighborhood.


Oh, and I will tell you that The Enforcers won the Championship so now we are two-time National Champions.  And I was able to attend the game and got to see lots of friends.  I was able to go to the championship game as well as the banquet with Ron.  That was a lot of fun.


You know, I’m just living life right now and it’s amazing.  It’s been a tough road, but I’m in a good place now and I could not have done it without my Support Team.  And, like I said, I’ll be updating more as time goes on, and I’ll be keeping you guys more informed as details come out.  I have to be very careful right now because I actually don’t want to say anything that might jeopardize things that we have going on right now.  If you’re close to me you kind of know what I’m alluding to and like I said I’ll be able to give you more information later but right now I have to protect a lot.


I will see you guys soon, and please donate any amount you can to Tom using his GoFundMe page.  The link is just below.  I love you all and have a good weekend coming up.


GoFundMe page for Tom Gulotta






Jessica Smith


Jessica’s News Wednesday June 10th, 2015


Hello Everyone.


So, we’re sitting here and I think we’re going to do another newsletter.  And I think today is June 10th.  Hopefully it will be up in a couple of days.


Well, I have some very exciting news.  I don’t know what to start with first, but many of you know that I’ve been involved with the San Diego Enforcers, the football team that Dad, Mom and I always loved.  And we’ve been with for upwards of five seasons now, maybe more.


They are a football team made up of all types of law enforcement and they play other football teams from around the nation who play for various charities.  The San Diego Enforcers have picked United Cerebral Palsy of San Diego to be the charity they play for ever since I’ve been involved with them.


So, two Saturdays ago Ron and I went to one of their home games to see if they could win and then go to the National Championship game in Charlotte.  Well, they won it!  It was a scary game and had me biting my nails off because it was so close for awhile.  So now they are going to Charlotte to play the National Championship game.


But that’s not the story, it truly isn’t.  We went to the after-party, because Coach Buck always calls me their ‘Lucky Charm’.  At the after-party Coach Buck got up and said “I hope our ‘Lucky Charm’ likes travel because she’s headed to Charlotte with us”.  So, coming up on the 18th, Ron (Aimee’s husband) and I are going to Charlotte.  We’re going to be there for four days, leaving Thursday and coming back Sunday.  The game is on Saturday.


The Enforcers are amazing because they basically picked up the whole cost of our trip.  Two plane tickets, a handicap van, our meals with the Team and our hotel.  So it’s pretty much an all-expenses-paid trip.  We are going to do a little fund-raiser to try to see if we can get a little extra money for Ron and I so we can play around and maybe get some souvenirs and that type of stuff.


But yes, this is very exciting.  I haven’t been on a plane in years, so I’m just hoping that all goes well.  I was under the impression that I had to get special flying paperwork because I have all that hardware in my spine now.  Before I flew to Florida, when I was about 14, I didn’t have it with me.  But Dr. Shoemaker says that I won’t need it now.  So we’re just going to go and we’re going to have a good time in Charlotte and I just hope that we can come back with a victory and the Enforcers become National Champions for the second time in San Diego Enforcers history.  So that’s really exciting.


And more importantly, since the Enforcers are being so nice to me I asked if I could do anything to help them. So on Friday, June 12th, I’m going to do a radio bit on the Scott and BR talk show on the Mighty 1090 AM.  I’ll be on sometime between 4pm and 5pm.


And also, I’ve moved!  I’m in an amazing group home in Santee.  It’s an amazing place.  It’s four girls right now.  It’s an all girls home.  We’re going to up it to six at some point.  Aimee, aka ‘Sister’, is also the House Manager here now.  So, a couple of times a week, well almost every day, she comes over for a couple of hours to see how things are going.  That’s pretty cool.  It’s an amazing place and I just love it here.


One of the things I love is that it truly feels like home.  There’s a wide variety of meals which is a nice change from where I was living before coming here.  I just love it here.  The people are amazing.  The owner, Leeda is amazing.  The staff is amazing.  I’m so happy here.  It’s just the best thing that could have happened.


I didn’t know when things were going to start to even out for me after Mom’s passing.  I was really riding on a rocky roller-coaster, but things are finally starting to go my way again which I’m very blessed for.  And my family and friends are all amazing.  My sister Jennifer brought my niece Kayla over here a couple of weeks ago.  They stayed for hours and Kayla felt like she was right at home.  And I’m so proud of Phoenix.  He, as many of you know, has autism.  But he was able to pass his kindergarten class so when he starts school in Mira Mesa he will be in a regular first-grade class (with an attendant).  That’s how far he’s come.  He knows all fifty sight-words and by that I mean he can read them, say them and spell them.  He’s come so far.  Before he would just point.  So I love you ‘Bubba’ and I’m so proud of you for being able to make this amazing transition.


And I just got news last night that Phoenix has been picked by his league to be on the All-Star team for baseball.  So, he’s making wonderful strides and that’s probably because he’s had his Dad as his coach.  So we’ll see how he does in the All-Star round.  And he just lost his second tooth.


And Kayla is doing wonderful too.  We are going to have her 5th birthday party.  It will be called ‘Kayla’s 5th Birthday Pony Palooza”.  It will be on June 28th I think.  It’s definitely going to be fun.  I remember going to the hospital and holding her for the first time.  I can’t believe she’s already five, but that’s how time flies.


And the 11th, which I guess is tomorrow, is Mom’s birthday.  So we will also be remembering her tomorrow.  And Rob and I, at some point, are hoping to do a small little celebration at Ft. Rosecrans and we are going to bring the food they liked and just have a little celebration of both Mom and Dad.  So that’ll be pretty cool.


I’m just really excited for the transition.  And this upcoming trip is going to be out-of-this-world.  I think that everything is still on track for the upcoming surgery.  I’ve been in talks with Dr. Scott and I think everything’s on track.  I just have to hit a couple more appointments.  If we don’t do it this month, it’s going to be next month.  I just have to get those few appointments taken care of and don’t know if they can be completed in the allotted time slot.  So we’re just going to play that by ear.


And please tune into the Scott and BR show this Friday.  And please continue to keep myself and my family in your thoughts and prayers.  Because even though things are getting easier, still there are rough days where I don’t even want to get out of bed.  So just keep the positive vibes coming, and thank you once again to Aimee and Ron, Dennis and just all my friends who are rallying around me.  And on behalf of my sister Jenn, and my brother-in-law PK and my niece and nephew, we just thank you all.  And please keep checking my website for more updates.  I love you and I’ll be signing off now.  Thank you guys.




Jessica Smith


Jessica’s News – Wednesday April 22nd, 2015


Hello Everyone


Well, it’s been very tough since Mom passed, but I don’t want to touch

on that too much.  Thank you everyone for your love and support.  It

means a lot.


Still a lot of changes going on.  Still moving ahead.


I Hope I don’t have to continue to live in Otay Mesa, which is pretty

close to San Ysidro and the Border.  I’m hoping to get out and move

closer to Aimee and Ron.  That process took a slower turn today than

I would have liked, but hopefully I’ll be out of here within maybe a

month or so.  I just need to be somewhere closer to my friends.  And

I need to start a new chapter of my life.  Jenn and the Family have

moved to Kearny Mesa and are living their lives there, so it’s time

for me to make a change too.


But I’m hanging in there and things are going ok for right now.


If it had not been for Aimee and Ron, I think I would have gone

absolutely crazy.  They’ve been Angels and Saints.  And friends have

been taking me out and visiting.  This place, by far, is not the best.

Hopefully I can touch on that a little more at a later date.  I’ll be

getting out of here soon.  But Aimme and Ron have just been

amazing.  I was with them for Easter so I got to see Cameron hunt

Easter Eggs.  That was just amazing.  Patty and John served me with

ham dinner, so that was wonderful.








Haven’t been to a lot of Eve’s concerts lately.  It’s hard to find drivers

but I’m hoping to get back into that too at some point.  If anyone

wants to drive me, just call me up.  My number is 619-208-0964.

Even if you just want to chat, call me up.  I’ll be happy to hear from



A couple of days ago I decided to get a new phone because right now

my phone is my only source of entertainment.  Unfortunately there

is just basic cable here.  So went out and got myself the brand new

Samsung Edge.  So I’m learning how to work with that.  There’s plenty

of things I can do on it and plenty of new apps.  I haven’t even set up

my email yet, so I have to continue working on that.


Monday I have a big appointment coming up.  It’s with Dr. Shoemaker

and Dr. K.  As many of you know Dr. Shoemaker is my Orthopedic

Surgeon and Dr. K is my hand specialist.  I want to go in and see both

of them and odds are we’re going to need to do some more surgery on

my right hand and maybe some other parts of my body.  I’m going to

have Dr. Scott do some full x-rays.  We’re just going to see what needs

to be tuned up.  While he’s in there we might as well get it all done

with one whack.  I know it’s going to be a longer recovery, but at least

it will be only one recovery instead of two, three or four.


So, things are not easy, but I’m just, you know, trying to take it

one day at a time, sometimes one hour at a time, enjoying every day

to the best that I can.  Hopefully in my next update I’ll have some

better news for you.


If you like white rice for lunch and dinner every day, you’d probably

like it here (lol).








So basically that’s all for now.  I’ll update you again, hopefully

fairly soon.  Definitely if there’s any new information from Dr.

Shoemaker and the hand specialist.  That will definitely go up

as soon as I get it, now that I’m looking to come out of there with a surgery slip.


Thank you to Dennis, Aimee and Ron and my Family for just

helping everyone through this difficult time.  You’ll hear from me

again soon, so keep checking my website.  And you’ll see me at a

couple of Eve Selis shows and I’ve already been asked if I’m doing

the Kaiser Kids Toy Drive again this year and yes, I’m going to do



So keep checking the website.  I know there has been a lapse, but

you know we’ve been going through some stuff.  So thank you and

check back soon.




Jessica Smith


Btw …  The May 30th San Diego Enforcers Football Game will be

dedicated to my Mom and Dad, and I’ll be doing the coin toss at the

start of the game.  Join me for the game if you can.


Update … I am scheduled for my surgery!  It will be on June 22nd.

They are going to be doing some tendon work, nerve work and just

trying to straighten out my right hand (It looks like I’m always

flashing the A-Ok sign, according to Dr. Shoemaker).  More

information to follow soon.


Good News from Jessica

I just received an email from my oncologist today and we got the results of a very important test. As of TODAY I’m still in REMISSION!! Going on 4 years!! Thanks to all of the wonderful support I received I’m still KICKING CANCERS BUTT!! Thank you all!!

Jessica’s News – Sunday November 2nd, 2014

Sunday November 2nd, 2014
Hello Everyone!

Wow! Where do I even start? I hope this update finds everyone well! This update will explain a lot as to why my website has been so quite at least until now. Some of you may or may not know that I’d been waiting on a surgery date. It has been moved up to this coming Tuesday at 7:00am Dr. Shoemaker and his colleague Dr. C will be doing some tension lengthening on my right hand to make sure I can get some use out of those fingers again as well as out of pain. They will enter my palm and hopefully fix that problem from there. They are also going to be doing some hardware removal and tightening as they call it. The team is planning to remove a screw in my thumb that has loosened and become more painful as well as re setting some screws and the plate in my wrist. Dr. Shoemaker will also be cleaning up a few (it feels like several) bone spurs aka devil horns on my right femur area. Please think positive thoughts that he will find them all. I will be at Kaiser Zion for a few days, hopefully getting out Thursday depending on how everything goes and how quickly my stomach wakes up from the anesthesia. There will be updates posted here so please check back often. Even though I know I’m in wonderful hands with Dr. Scott and Dr. C prayers are always welcome!

Now for the reason that my surgery has moved up and my family has been more quite. This is probably the hardest part to write. After Mom has been in and out of the hospital and has had several tests done a biopsy and other tests have confirmed that she has Stage 4 lung cancer. This has hit our family very hard. The cancer has metastasized (spread) to her ribs, shoulder, a few other lymph nodes, we are unsure about a possible spot on her skull, and of course the lung. She is going to do her best to fight this horrible Cancer. After my surgery she is going to be starting radiation on her rib area to help with the pain and hopefully reduce the size of the mass. After that she is considering whether or not to try chemotherapy. Even though they is no cure at this stage, we are going to do all we can to help mom go into Remission! Please send her positive thoughts and prayers as we help her through this time!

Phoenix and Kayla enjoyed Halloween as Elsa and Optimist Prime and they are now looking forward to Thanksgiving. Having them here again has been a great distraction and I guess the man upstairs brought the 4 of them back just in time.

I’m writing Poetry and selling Scentsy to getting some funds for my manual wheelchair. Scentsy it’s perfect because all the warmers run on light bulb. Okay i am signing off for now, please keep myself and my family in your prayers. Please check back here for current updates on my surgery and recovery. Please keep my mom in your prayers too!


Jessica Smith & Family

Happy New Year Everyone!!

I’m taking on 2014 like a battering ram! I am still in REMISSION from Chronic Leukemia and KICKIN Cancers Butt!! My New Years Resalution Is to be Louder then EVER and to use my voices for causes I support and also use my voice for those who don’t have theirs anymore ! Thank you to everyone who continue to help us up some days. I have MANY different fires burning but no dates confirmed yet. Please check back often! I love and miss you dad! Below is a beautiful video Mr Rick Lakin put together WARNING have tissue in hand! The first game of The San Diego Enforcers Season is Saturday March 1 at Balboa Stadium. More info TBA.

Help me Support Service Dogs

Please buy a Little Angels Service Dog Shirt. YOU can help children and adults help raise funds for their Service Dog just for $18.00! Our goal is to sell 100 shirts! Little Angels is helping people all across the U.S. Including Me! Help if you can!

Jessica had surgery and is doing well.

Jessica is at home now and recovering well.


From Mary Smith

Jessica’s surgery went really well and her hand opened up.  Dr. Shoemaker is really pleased.  Jessica is now just going through the process of recovering her system back to normal.


From Dave:

Spoke to Jess at 3:00 she was groggy from anesthetic but is out of recovery and in a room  waiting for parents to catch up to her after her move to room.   3:34 pm Wednesday


I will check in tomorrow morning to see how Jessica is doing.  Email me at  if you have any updates.