Trevor Wigginton

When I met Trevor Wigginton & his parents Wendie & Corey we both had rooms in the Pediatrics Unit, at Kaiser Hospital I had another Illeus  and they thought Trevor had the same thing. Trevor would come in with his parents and read me any book I gave him needing VERY little help. Trevor also had fun reading and saying the name tags of any Doctor or nurse who walked by, and he would have no problem getting them exactly right, long names or short it didn’t matter to him. You may be wondering why I am rambling on about this. Now might be a good time for me to mention Trevor was just 4 YEARS OLD!

Days went by and he would come in reading to me. We were both getting better. Trevor’s fever had gone, he was eating one of his favorite treats to eat, which was of all things Butter (no I don’t mean toast with butter just plain old BUTTER!) Go figure kids and their eating habit’s. At this point I was starting to think of Trevor as the little brother I never had. The day came where Trevor was going home which was awesome at this point, we’d both been there for at least a week. Trevor still didn’t like anyone touching his stomach, the doctor said to his parents “hey would you mind staying a few more hours I’d  like to take him down for a quick Cat Scan just to make sure everythings fine” his parents of course said ok.

The tests results came back and a parents worst fears had come true. Trevor had stage 4 Neuroblastoma (one of the worst Childhood Cancers around) Trevor and his parents were in a fight for his life!

They quickly began Chemotherapy at Kaiser for several months, which seemed to be working. Then after his parents and doctors talked things over it was decided  he should go to the local Children’s Hospital where they did every  test and procedure  I think there  was. The local Children’s Hospital suggested his best chance of survival was to go to Children’s Hospital LA where he would be placed in quarantine no visitors at all even his parents had to be sterile. They took Trevor’s old Red Blood Cells out, cleaned them, and put the clean cells back in, at this point they were also getting Trevor ready for his bone marrow transplant. This lasted a few months and Trevor was close to being called to heaven many times due to the chemotherapy and how frail his body was but he was too much of a fighter! (which we all knew) After Trevor was finally out of “lockdown” the people at Children’s LA showered Trevor with toys several times a day, it was amazing! 

Trips back and forth to many different hospitals and long stays in them went on for months. When Trevor’s blood counts were good we would go to Coco’s for his favorite breakfast, Peek-A-Boo Pancakes. Trevor being himself would get up and go over to another table toss his ball cap down and say my favorite line “Hey! Look at me, I’m bald! So what?” When Trevor and his parents came back down to Kaiser in San Diego they realized that the kids stuck in our hospital here didn’t get many toys. So then Trevor’s Toybox Corporation came to life! We now help them collect toys and they deliver toys to many hospitals including Kaiser Hosp,  Balboa Navy  Hospital, and many others bringing toys to the kids though out the year and special visits for holidays.

When I was diagnosed with Leukemia I told myself if Trevor Aka Little brother can fight and win so can I. When the tables turned they were visiting me in the hospital, Trevor even brought me a stuffed blue dog, we decided to name him Blues Clues (after the TV Show on Nick Jr.) who I still snuggle with every night. They were supporting me and my parents and I don’t think my parents and I could’ve done it without them!

My little brother Trevor is now a happy cancer free 9 year old! After school he enjoys Karate, Boy Scouts, Baseball, Piano, Cooking, and anything else he can fit in the schedule. Trevor, Wendie, & Corey help at the benefit every year! We are like one big family. The Big Man Upstairs made our paths cross that day and all of us say it was definitely meant to be!


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