I thought I’d share this exciting news! My parents & I went to see my Cancer doctor to get the results of a special blood test done by The City Of Hope to see if the Leukemia Gene has returned or not. We are overjoyed to say there was no evidence of the gene and I am a year and ½ in REMISSION! I still have to take my 3 chemotherapy pills daily but I am truly blessed!


I also spoke at the Success Optimist Benefit on May 7th  which benefits The Children’s Rainforest Project. It was a nice benefit with good food and wonderful company. I bid on and won a huge teddy bear for my buddy Trevor that his mom says he LOVES! The final count is still out with how much money they raised but I hope it’s a big number!

The San Diego Enforcers hosted Bakersfield on May 12th. My parents and I love the Enforcers! I was honored once again to be able to toss the coin! The Enforcers kicked some Bakersfield booty with a final score of 47-0! If they win the game this weekend in Pittsburgh, PA they will come back home to play for the Championship!! Remember this season the Enforcers are playing for United Cerebral Palsy! That same day I was also honored to stop by Henry’s birthday party & celebrate the big #5 with him!!! 


I will have some news to share in the next few weeks. Right now I am keeping it close to the vest because I don’t want to jinx anything! I will say things are looking good. Who knows I might post something sooner so please check back often!!