What an Honor!! What a Game!!

Saturday Evening, March 24 was AMAZING! I had the honor and the privilege to not only be able to attend the San Diego Enforcers Vs. Chicago Blaze Football game, I was also able to be a part of it! Since The Enforcers are playing for the local chapter of United Cerebral Palsy my little buddy 6 yr old Kelly & I were invited out to do the coin toss and we were honorary captains!

Kelly and Jessica before the Game

 Chicago was visiting so they got to call. They called tails Kelly told me when to toss, I tossed it over my shoulder and it was…… Tails! Chicago’s Ball!


Jessica Tosses Tails. - iCrew Photo by Rick Lakin

I would also like to take a moment to say this game was played in loving memory of Coach Frank Yancey who passed away suddenly the day after Enforcers mini camp. Frank Yancey worked for SDPD for many years, he was the coach at Valhalla High which he loved very much. At his memorial service he had 10 Jersey’s draped over his casket representing a team he either coached or play for. One of the teams he played for was the Enforcers, Mr. Yancey’s Enforcers Jersey # 63 was retired last night in a beautiful tribute.

Enforcers President Dave King retires the jersey of Frank Yancey

The game itself was a really hard fought battle by both teams! It was a nail biter to the end and had everyone sitting on the edge of their seats.






We also were able to raise a lot of money during the 50-50 raffle and Kimberly King also got a lot of people to buy tickets for the signed Giants Helmet! My parents and my aunts all bought tickets, My dad was only 2 numbers away from winning the Giants Helmet! Ugh!

I do have to say my favorite moment was wheeling out on the field with Kimberly & her husband David at the end of the game! The score was 14- 13….. ENFORCERS WIN!!!!!! I was brought into the end of the game huddle and I was honored again to be asked to give the end of the game Inspirational Speech to both Teams! Just for the record the Enforcers are now 2-0!!!!!

I have to take a moment to say a special thanks to everyone at the San Diego Enforcers! The great folks at UCP San Diego! Every single team member of Chicago Blaze they were wonderful! The Referee’s were extremely helpful for the coin flip. Mr. Rick Lakin photographed the pre-game & coin flip pictures.  Enforcers QB, , JJ Carrell, and all the other teammates took time for photographs. Thanks to the Enforcers Cheerleaders and to Kimberly King for the night time photos.

Lastly Dave King,  thank you for making me feel like a queen! This will be a night I’ll remember FOREVER! Look up in the stands at home games, you haven’t seen the last of me and my family! 






More Photos from flickr.com  – iCrew Pre-game Photos by Rick Lakin – Post game photos by Kimberly King [flickr-gallery mode=”photoset” photoset=”72157629661240011″]

Children’s Rainforest Art Project

Jessica Smith supports many causes and one of the most exciting is the Rainforest Art Project.

Children's Rain Forest Art Project
The Rainforest Art Project is a nature and history-based, educational, healing arts program that inspires children and their families; building a sense of pride and ownership through the creation of permanent ceramic and mosaic art.

Participation in mission based art activities encourage creative growth by allowing the participants to take part in developing their own artistic vision for their community. When people create art that is installed in a prominent public location, they develop a sense of pride and ownership.

The Rainforest Art Project was developed by embracing the philosophy and values of nature based healing arts. We believe in the power of history, nature and art in self-expression and bring those beliefs into all of our lessons and programs. Our curriculum has an educational base and incorporates many of the National Standards.

We want to encourage a new way of thinking, and broaden the younger generation’s perspective of the world; art as a way of life, not only as an expression. When our students have a greater understanding and appreciation of nature, their minds and hearts open and they gain a greater sense of self and empathy for others.

A great sense of accomplishment and joy is apparent in people who create a sculpted ceramic tile. Learning techniques of carving, sculpting and painting empowers them to continue exploring new endeavors. The tiles that our students create become part of permanent art mosaics, which are located in highly visible areas of the community. With this process, the participants contribute to something beautiful and enduring that they can be proud of for the rest of their lives. Years later they can come back and see their work, still there, bringing joy and inspiring others.

The Rainforest Art Project is a life changing experience that goes beyond the basic lesson plan. As soon as students enter the classroom, they are delighted by the sounds of softly falling rain and exotic birds and monkeys, playing in the background. Colorful models of butterflies, fish, birds and plants decorate their workspace.

We strive to awaken a sense of enthusiasm and wonderment when introducing people to art. A fun and exciting classroom environment enables students to connect with their inner creativity and with each other. A dynamic and colorful atmosphere inspires open creative expression, which manifests as beautiful works of art that students and families will treasure forever.