Jessica Speaks at Toastmasters Open House (VIDEO and PHOTOS)

I really enjoyed speaking at the Sweetwater Valley Toastmasters Open House Event!  I would like to take a moment to thank Mr. Rick Lakin,  Toastmasters Club President. Mr. Lewis Scott Lewis the Sponsor of the Toastmasters Open House and Mr Richard Lederer and so many other wonderful people I was able to meet from the different Toastmasters clubs around San Diego County.

I truly believe everyone liked my speech, which as always came right from my heart, everyone was so surprised when they would asked where my notes were and I replied I didn’t have any notes everything was off the cuff from my heart. As you will see below I think my speech was very impactful as I received a standing ovation when I left the stage! I would really like to thank The Sweetwater Toastmasters club for donating $100.00 to United Cerebral Palsy and thank you to everybody who bought Mr. Lederer’s books as he decided to donate all profits made for a grand total of $200.00 for United Cerebral Palsy!

Hearing Mr. Lederer speak was amazing and I could have listened to him for hours, if you ever get a chance to hear him I highly recommend it!

Speaking was truly my honor. Thank you to Sweetwater Toastmasters for my certificate and most importantly letting me raise funds and awareness for UCP!

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Please remember as you watch my speech and look at the photos that people from age 5 to 95 seem to enjoy my speeches because I can make my speeches fit everyone and I can speak to any size group you would like. I really enjoy tailoring my speeches to YOU the listeners! If you like the bit of what you see please feel free to email me at: and I look forward to booking an engagement with you soon!

Thank you!
Jessica Smith

iCrew Photos by Kathryn Matteotti and Rod Villa

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