Jessica’s News – Sunday November 2nd, 2014

Sunday November 2nd, 2014
Hello Everyone!

Wow! Where do I even start? I hope this update finds everyone well! This update will explain a lot as to why my website has been so quite at least until now. Some of you may or may not know that I’d been waiting on a surgery date. It has been moved up to this coming Tuesday at 7:00am Dr. Shoemaker and his colleague Dr. C will be doing some tension lengthening on my right hand to make sure I can get some use out of those fingers again as well as out of pain. They will enter my palm and hopefully fix that problem from there. They are also going to be doing some hardware removal and tightening as they call it. The team is planning to remove a screw in my thumb that has loosened and become more painful as well as re setting some screws and the plate in my wrist. Dr. Shoemaker will also be cleaning up a few (it feels like several) bone spurs aka devil horns on my right femur area. Please think positive thoughts that he will find them all. I will be at Kaiser Zion for a few days, hopefully getting out Thursday depending on how everything goes and how quickly my stomach wakes up from the anesthesia. There will be updates posted here so please check back often. Even though I know I’m in wonderful hands with Dr. Scott and Dr. C prayers are always welcome!

Now for the reason that my surgery has moved up and my family has been more quite. This is probably the hardest part to write. After Mom has been in and out of the hospital and has had several tests done a biopsy and other tests have confirmed that she has Stage 4 lung cancer. This has hit our family very hard. The cancer has metastasized (spread) to her ribs, shoulder, a few other lymph nodes, we are unsure about a possible spot on her skull, and of course the lung. She is going to do her best to fight this horrible Cancer. After my surgery she is going to be starting radiation on her rib area to help with the pain and hopefully reduce the size of the mass. After that she is considering whether or not to try chemotherapy. Even though they is no cure at this stage, we are going to do all we can to help mom go into Remission! Please send her positive thoughts and prayers as we help her through this time!

Phoenix and Kayla enjoyed Halloween as Elsa and Optimist Prime and they are now looking forward to Thanksgiving. Having them here again has been a great distraction and I guess the man upstairs brought the 4 of them back just in time.

I’m writing Poetry and selling Scentsy to getting some funds for my manual wheelchair. Scentsy it’s perfect because all the warmers run on light bulb. Okay i am signing off for now, please keep myself and my family in your prayers. Please check back here for current updates on my surgery and recovery. Please keep my mom in your prayers too!


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