Jessica’s News – Wednesday April 22nd, 2015


Hello Everyone


Well, it’s been very tough since Mom passed, but I don’t want to touch

on that too much.  Thank you everyone for your love and support.  It

means a lot.


Still a lot of changes going on.  Still moving ahead.


I Hope I don’t have to continue to live in Otay Mesa, which is pretty

close to San Ysidro and the Border.  I’m hoping to get out and move

closer to Aimee and Ron.  That process took a slower turn today than

I would have liked, but hopefully I’ll be out of here within maybe a

month or so.  I just need to be somewhere closer to my friends.  And

I need to start a new chapter of my life.  Jenn and the Family have

moved to Kearny Mesa and are living their lives there, so it’s time

for me to make a change too.


But I’m hanging in there and things are going ok for right now.


If it had not been for Aimee and Ron, I think I would have gone

absolutely crazy.  They’ve been Angels and Saints.  And friends have

been taking me out and visiting.  This place, by far, is not the best.

Hopefully I can touch on that a little more at a later date.  I’ll be

getting out of here soon.  But Aimme and Ron have just been

amazing.  I was with them for Easter so I got to see Cameron hunt

Easter Eggs.  That was just amazing.  Patty and John served me with

ham dinner, so that was wonderful.








Haven’t been to a lot of Eve’s concerts lately.  It’s hard to find drivers

but I’m hoping to get back into that too at some point.  If anyone

wants to drive me, just call me up.  My number is 619-208-0964.

Even if you just want to chat, call me up.  I’ll be happy to hear from



A couple of days ago I decided to get a new phone because right now

my phone is my only source of entertainment.  Unfortunately there

is just basic cable here.  So went out and got myself the brand new

Samsung Edge.  So I’m learning how to work with that.  There’s plenty

of things I can do on it and plenty of new apps.  I haven’t even set up

my email yet, so I have to continue working on that.


Monday I have a big appointment coming up.  It’s with Dr. Shoemaker

and Dr. K.  As many of you know Dr. Shoemaker is my Orthopedic

Surgeon and Dr. K is my hand specialist.  I want to go in and see both

of them and odds are we’re going to need to do some more surgery on

my right hand and maybe some other parts of my body.  I’m going to

have Dr. Scott do some full x-rays.  We’re just going to see what needs

to be tuned up.  While he’s in there we might as well get it all done

with one whack.  I know it’s going to be a longer recovery, but at least

it will be only one recovery instead of two, three or four.


So, things are not easy, but I’m just, you know, trying to take it

one day at a time, sometimes one hour at a time, enjoying every day

to the best that I can.  Hopefully in my next update I’ll have some

better news for you.


If you like white rice for lunch and dinner every day, you’d probably

like it here (lol).








So basically that’s all for now.  I’ll update you again, hopefully

fairly soon.  Definitely if there’s any new information from Dr.

Shoemaker and the hand specialist.  That will definitely go up

as soon as I get it, now that I’m looking to come out of there with a surgery slip.


Thank you to Dennis, Aimee and Ron and my Family for just

helping everyone through this difficult time.  You’ll hear from me

again soon, so keep checking my website.  And you’ll see me at a

couple of Eve Selis shows and I’ve already been asked if I’m doing

the Kaiser Kids Toy Drive again this year and yes, I’m going to do



So keep checking the website.  I know there has been a lapse, but

you know we’ve been going through some stuff.  So thank you and

check back soon.




Jessica Smith


Btw …  The May 30th San Diego Enforcers Football Game will be

dedicated to my Mom and Dad, and I’ll be doing the coin toss at the

start of the game.  Join me for the game if you can.


Update … I am scheduled for my surgery!  It will be on June 22nd.

They are going to be doing some tendon work, nerve work and just

trying to straighten out my right hand (It looks like I’m always

flashing the A-Ok sign, according to Dr. Shoemaker).  More

information to follow soon.