Jessica’s News Wednesday August 31st, 2016

Hello Everyone.


[Dennis]  It’s Wednesday, August 31st and I’m here with Jess in her new little cottage.  There was a mini house warming party here the other day with Eve and Tom.  It was Tom’s birthday and lots of Tom and Eve’s friends were here.  I happened to stop by with a couple of pieces of furniture, so I got in on the festivities too.  Anyway, it’s been a while since Jess has done an update so today she is ready to share with you what’s been going on since the last time she posted an update.  So Jess, how’s it going?


13592748_10210188215086974_5040730823701754566_n[Jess]  It’s going pretty good.  I can’t believe we’re almost at the end of summer.  It’s going to be Halloween and Thanksgiving before we know it.  It’s crazy how time is flying, it really is.  But I’m here in my new place.  It’s been a long route, but I’m living in La Mesa now.  It’s a cute little duplex, close to a lot of things.  Tom and Eve have really been instrumental in helping me to get this place, and it’s beautiful.  It’s a two bedroom duplex and I absolutely love it here.  It’s close to a lot of things that are within walking distance, which is very helpful.


A couple of weeks ago Eve’s husband Tom, who has been helping me out a lot, had an incident.  He was driving a vehicle, and had a seizure. Doctors found that he had a brain tumor.  They removed the tumor and he is recovering right now.  Things went well.



Click for Tom’s GoFundMe page

Tom and Eve have a lot of medical bills, so I’ll be attaching a link to Tom’s GoFundMe page.  If you would like to donate, anything will help right now.  No donation is too small.  I’m sure that they will be very grateful.   And I can tell you that Tom is resting comfortably and healing nicely.  There is a link Tom’s GoFundMe site at the end of this message.


It’s just been a crazy few months.  I can’t comment too much right now, but hopefully I’ll be able to within the next few months.  There are still lots of people asking “Where have you been”.  And where I have been is a very complicated story.  Let’s just say that I’m just happy to be alive.  And I’ll be able to give you guys more information as time goes forward.  But I’m happy, and I’m healthy and safe in my new place.


Amy and Ron have once again come back into my life.  They have helped me tremendously and I don’t know where I would be without them.  I talk to them on a daily basis.  They were over here last week and Ron did a couple of things around my new place.  I’m going to try to post some pictures of the inside and all the beautiful furniture and stuff .


My sister came over last week with Phoenix and Kayla before they started school.  I can’t believe I have a six year old niece and an eight year old nephew.  It’s absolutely amazing how time is flying.  They love my new place, they think it’s beautiful.  And, you know, I always have to say “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift”.  That’s why it’s called “the present”.  I truly believe in that, and just can’t believe how blessed I am with my huge support system of friends and family.


Right now, I’m in a duplex, with twenty-four hour staff through a program called Life Options.  It’s basically where you find a place to live and they hire and pay for staff.  So I would recommend for anyone who has physical challenges, and does not want to live in a group home,  to check out Life Options because they are doing a wonderful job for me and I love it here.


[Jess]  What else do you think I should add Dennis?


[Dennis]  Well, I think you should tell your friends about your new neighborhood and all the opportunities there are for you just outside the front door.


[Jess]  Well, my neighborhood is within walking distance of La Mesa Village.  There are a whole bunch of shops, and it will be nice because Oktoberfest is coming up.  And in the summertime they have vintage car shows downtown.  They will have Christmas in the Village and there are a whole bunch of cute shops (including a sweets shop), and places to eat.  It’s just an amazing little neighborhood.


Oh, and I will tell you that The Enforcers won the Championship so now we are two-time National Champions.  And I was able to attend the game and got to see lots of friends.  I was able to go to the championship game as well as the banquet with Ron.  That was a lot of fun.


You know, I’m just living life right now and it’s amazing.  It’s been a tough road, but I’m in a good place now and I could not have done it without my Support Team.  And, like I said, I’ll be updating more as time goes on, and I’ll be keeping you guys more informed as details come out.  I have to be very careful right now because I actually don’t want to say anything that might jeopardize things that we have going on right now.  If you’re close to me you kind of know what I’m alluding to and like I said I’ll be able to give you more information later but right now I have to protect a lot.


I will see you guys soon, and please donate any amount you can to Tom using his GoFundMe page.  The link is just below.  I love you all and have a good weekend coming up.


GoFundMe page for Tom Gulotta






Jessica Smith