Jessica’s News Wednesday June 10th, 2015


Hello Everyone.


So, we’re sitting here and I think we’re going to do another newsletter.  And I think today is June 10th.  Hopefully it will be up in a couple of days.


Well, I have some very exciting news.  I don’t know what to start with first, but many of you know that I’ve been involved with the San Diego Enforcers, the football team that Dad, Mom and I always loved.  And we’ve been with for upwards of five seasons now, maybe more.


They are a football team made up of all types of law enforcement and they play other football teams from around the nation who play for various charities.  The San Diego Enforcers have picked United Cerebral Palsy of San Diego to be the charity they play for ever since I’ve been involved with them.


So, two Saturdays ago Ron and I went to one of their home games to see if they could win and then go to the National Championship game in Charlotte.  Well, they won it!  It was a scary game and had me biting my nails off because it was so close for awhile.  So now they are going to Charlotte to play the National Championship game.


But that’s not the story, it truly isn’t.  We went to the after-party, because Coach Buck always calls me their ‘Lucky Charm’.  At the after-party Coach Buck got up and said “I hope our ‘Lucky Charm’ likes travel because she’s headed to Charlotte with us”.  So, coming up on the 18th, Ron (Aimee’s husband) and I are going to Charlotte.  We’re going to be there for four days, leaving Thursday and coming back Sunday.  The game is on Saturday.


The Enforcers are amazing because they basically picked up the whole cost of our trip.  Two plane tickets, a handicap van, our meals with the Team and our hotel.  So it’s pretty much an all-expenses-paid trip.  We are going to do a little fund-raiser to try to see if we can get a little extra money for Ron and I so we can play around and maybe get some souvenirs and that type of stuff.


But yes, this is very exciting.  I haven’t been on a plane in years, so I’m just hoping that all goes well.  I was under the impression that I had to get special flying paperwork because I have all that hardware in my spine now.  Before I flew to Florida, when I was about 14, I didn’t have it with me.  But Dr. Shoemaker says that I won’t need it now.  So we’re just going to go and we’re going to have a good time in Charlotte and I just hope that we can come back with a victory and the Enforcers become National Champions for the second time in San Diego Enforcers history.  So that’s really exciting.


And more importantly, since the Enforcers are being so nice to me I asked if I could do anything to help them. So on Friday, June 12th, I’m going to do a radio bit on the Scott and BR talk show on the Mighty 1090 AM.  I’ll be on sometime between 4pm and 5pm.


And also, I’ve moved!  I’m in an amazing group home in Santee.  It’s an amazing place.  It’s four girls right now.  It’s an all girls home.  We’re going to up it to six at some point.  Aimee, aka ‘Sister’, is also the House Manager here now.  So, a couple of times a week, well almost every day, she comes over for a couple of hours to see how things are going.  That’s pretty cool.  It’s an amazing place and I just love it here.


One of the things I love is that it truly feels like home.  There’s a wide variety of meals which is a nice change from where I was living before coming here.  I just love it here.  The people are amazing.  The owner, Leeda is amazing.  The staff is amazing.  I’m so happy here.  It’s just the best thing that could have happened.


I didn’t know when things were going to start to even out for me after Mom’s passing.  I was really riding on a rocky roller-coaster, but things are finally starting to go my way again which I’m very blessed for.  And my family and friends are all amazing.  My sister Jennifer brought my niece Kayla over here a couple of weeks ago.  They stayed for hours and Kayla felt like she was right at home.  And I’m so proud of Phoenix.  He, as many of you know, has autism.  But he was able to pass his kindergarten class so when he starts school in Mira Mesa he will be in a regular first-grade class (with an attendant).  That’s how far he’s come.  He knows all fifty sight-words and by that I mean he can read them, say them and spell them.  He’s come so far.  Before he would just point.  So I love you ‘Bubba’ and I’m so proud of you for being able to make this amazing transition.


And I just got news last night that Phoenix has been picked by his league to be on the All-Star team for baseball.  So, he’s making wonderful strides and that’s probably because he’s had his Dad as his coach.  So we’ll see how he does in the All-Star round.  And he just lost his second tooth.


And Kayla is doing wonderful too.  We are going to have her 5th birthday party.  It will be called ‘Kayla’s 5th Birthday Pony Palooza”.  It will be on June 28th I think.  It’s definitely going to be fun.  I remember going to the hospital and holding her for the first time.  I can’t believe she’s already five, but that’s how time flies.


And the 11th, which I guess is tomorrow, is Mom’s birthday.  So we will also be remembering her tomorrow.  And Rob and I, at some point, are hoping to do a small little celebration at Ft. Rosecrans and we are going to bring the food they liked and just have a little celebration of both Mom and Dad.  So that’ll be pretty cool.


I’m just really excited for the transition.  And this upcoming trip is going to be out-of-this-world.  I think that everything is still on track for the upcoming surgery.  I’ve been in talks with Dr. Scott and I think everything’s on track.  I just have to hit a couple more appointments.  If we don’t do it this month, it’s going to be next month.  I just have to get those few appointments taken care of and don’t know if they can be completed in the allotted time slot.  So we’re just going to play that by ear.


And please tune into the Scott and BR show this Friday.  And please continue to keep myself and my family in your thoughts and prayers.  Because even though things are getting easier, still there are rough days where I don’t even want to get out of bed.  So just keep the positive vibes coming, and thank you once again to Aimee and Ron, Dennis and just all my friends who are rallying around me.  And on behalf of my sister Jenn, and my brother-in-law PK and my niece and nephew, we just thank you all.  And please keep checking my website for more updates.  I love you and I’ll be signing off now.  Thank you guys.




Jessica Smith