Jessica’s News – Wednesday, September 27th, 2017

20265036_10213147377459570_3752731187579748942_nJessica’s News

Wednesday September 27th, 2017

[Dennis] Hi Jess!

[Jess] Hey Dennis, how are ya?

[Dennis] I’m doing great, how about you?

[Jess] Pretty good. It’s been a while since we’ve done a website update, hasn’t it?

[Dennis] It has been a while and I’m ready to help you do one again!

21751327_10213612087157022_7355216341638056257_n[Jess] I think it’s been pretty much a year or so since the last one so we need to get everyone up to speed on how I’ve been doing.

[Dennis] Yes, and we’ve finally figured out how to do this whole recording, web-posting thing correctly (laugh).

[ Jess] And now you are using your phone and you don’t have to bring your little recorder over here with you.

[Dennis] Yes, it’s so much easier and it’s helping me learn a little more about things that I can do with my phone.

21768076_10213673345568444_3796988858273941326_n[Jess] So, today is September 27th. I can’t believe it’s already getting into Fall with all the things that happen and it will be Christmas before we know it.

Well, it’s been a crazy ride. I’ve been here for over a year in La Mesa. I still love it here. Actually this weekend is Octoberfest. What are you doing this weekend Dennis?

[Dennis] Well, let’s see, what am I doing this weekend? I think I have at least one musical event that I’m going to. Tomorrow I’m going out to Alpine where our friend Sara Petite is doing a Library Show. She’s going to sing for an hour there. I’m looking forward to that.

And in a couple of weeks I’ll be attending a dinner and show hosted by our friends Christopher Dale and Barbara Nesbitt. It’s going to be a nice sit down dinner and then some music performed by Christopher and Barbara after.

20526293_10213146269991884_6062173003586018187_n[Jess] And of course, our #1 dear friend is Eve Selis! She’s definitely an Angel in my life. It’s been very nice to be able to go out to see her again thanks to her lovely husband Tom who is absolutely amazing. He’s been through two surgeries since being diagnosed with cancer. He has received both radiation and chemotherapy treatments. He is my Hero. He has taught me what a fighter truly is and how to live every single day to the fullest.

And if you would like to give a little something to Tom, his GoFundMe page is still up. There is a link to Tom’s GoFundMe page at the bottom of this newsletter.

Being able to attend Eve’s shows and see the Band again has been amazing and it really warms my heart and I love to see her out and performing again. They’ve had a crazy year so we just need to keep sending positive vibes, prayers and love their way.

Their son is as crazy as ever (laugh). He’s having a good start for the school year. Henry, I love you and you are my Little Buddy and you are amazing.

What Eve has been doing lately is online podcasts with Marc on StageIt. Today’s will be the fourth of four in the series. They may have more in the future so check out Eve’s website (

10422184_10204197376355136_1663609307274862120_nMy family is doing ok. Phoenix and Kayla are getting super big. Kayla is seven, Phoenix is nine. Kayla’s got her Mother’s “sass” and we’re all having to deal with that. They are both coming into their own. They will be getting ready for the Holidays soon and you know that’s always big in everybody’s household. And they are doing good in school and I’m happy about that. Phoenix likes talking on the phone more than Kayla does. Kayla is actually in Cheer. She’s just started it and she really loves it. She says she wants to do it all the way through high school!

Healthwise I’m doing fairly well. I weigh 72 pounds and I have my ebbs and flows just like I always do. I’m waiting on a surgery date. Dr. Shoemaker and I are going back in and he’s going to remove more of my bone spurs. So we’re waiting on a date for that. Hopefully October or November, somewhere around that time.

And there has been something going on that I’ve not been able to talk about because I don’t want to jeopardize anything. Unfortunately that still is the case, where I can’t speak about it. It’s going much slower than I would have liked. But hopefully sooner rather than later I’ll be able to hop on the air with Dennis to give you guys the update behind everything. Trust me, I would like to tell you now, I just can’t. So please just continue to send me all the good vibes, love and support. I absolutely love it and need it right now. Please keep those coming and I thank everyone for it. Hopefully you guys will get another update real soon when all this is over.

15780875_10154421493324495_2356535508894528039_nAmongst the wonderful things that have been happening in everyone’s lives I do have to touch upon this. We did lose a beautiful person in this world, in probably November or December of last year. Unexpectedly and arduously, friend Anita York passed away and went up to be with the Angels and my parents and her parents. She is deeply missed down here. We miss her and I know a lot of other people miss her as well. Anita thank you for everything you taught me while you were here on Earth. We miss you, we love you and we will see you again my friend. Thank you for everything.

I’m hoping, God willing, that I’ll be able to return to public speaking. But for right now that’s all in a holding pattern. I’ll update you again on that as soon as I can. Thanks guys for all your prayers, love and support. All of you are amazing and I hope you enjoy my website and I hope to be doing another update soon. And check out I know she has some shows coming up and maybe you’ll see me there.

I will see you guys soon, and please donate any amount you can to Tom using his GoFundMe page. The link is just below. I love you all and have a good weekend coming up.


Jessica Smith